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Aerospace We pioneered the development of Thermofoil heaters – now a standard component in modern instrumentation. Minco continues to build highly reliable and rugged components that survive the harshest conditions.

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Flex Circuits:

Defense Our flex circuits provide high density interconnections to helmet mounted micro-displays, hand-held radio, GPS devices, missile systems, satellites, and more.

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Rotating Machinery


Rotating Machinery Our state-of-the-art bearing sensors help optimize efficiency, avoid failure, and ultimately prevent peripheral damage to internal parts and motors.

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Medical Imaging

Flex Circuits:

Medical Imaging When you need a flexible, highly reliable interconnect solution for your imaging needs, entrust Minco to work with you to create the optimal, high performance package.

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New Sensor Products

Thermistor Bolt Sensor offers high sensitivity, accuracy and is easily removed for periodic calibration to maintain high quality standards.

CT298 AC HeaterStat combined with a high TCR heater uses the heater's resistance to determine temperature which eliminates the need for a sensor.

New Product Spotlight

SLT HeaterSmartHeat SLT Thin-Film heaters are a smart alternative to traditional heaters and temperature control devices by providing consistent thermal outcomes and self-tuning in dynamic environments. They pinpoint exactly when and where heat is required for thermal uniformity without the need for external control.

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